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I have Health Choice Insurance will that cover infertility tests?

I have health choice and am needing some fertility testing done. What I don’t know is if it will cover any part of it? I have to have the blood work done how much will it cost?

What’s in the minds of people who think not everyone should have health coverage?

Why do you think that way? Who should not have health coverage?

How do I get a safety job in the Middle East?

I am a Health and Safety professional who is looking for my next challenge in the Middle East, but I am having difficulties getting into a dialouge with recruitment agencies out there. How do I get them to respond to me?

Is all the schooling worth being a Mental Health Counselor?

There is a 60 graduate credit program at my college to be a Mental Health Counselor. After the 60 Masters credits you have to intern for a long time. I want to help children. Is all the time and money spent on graduate school worth it for this profession? Is is hard to get a job with this degree? Does the degree end up paying for itself (does it make good money)? Is anyone on here a Mental Health Counselor that can tell me the pros and cons of their career choice?

What are some professional careers working with people with disabilities?

In the last several years, I have been working in this field and I think I would prefer to stay in it. I just want a change.

Right now, I am a special ed teacher (my students have mild learning disabilities and speech impairments). I want to explore other options possibly in a supervisory or professional nature and outside of the school environment?

What qualifications and education are needed?

What are some non-life-saving procedures that federal health care currently covers?

I’m writing a research paper for school about a procedure that I think health care sould provide for but there is opposition against it because it is not a life saving procedure. But I am sure there are plenty of procedures that are not strictly “life-saving”, but still essential to a person’s health, but I’m having trouble finding any examples of these on a website. So do you have any examples for me?

What is the best professional shampoo and conditioner to use on long, thick, normal hair?

I am a guy with long, thick, and normal hair. The health and beauty of my hair is VERY important to me. I currently use BedHead for men. It does the job I want it to, but I would like to know if there is anything better.

What is a significant challenge facing the profession of physical therapy in todays evolving health care?

Also what do you think will be the biggest challenge in the next three to four years?
I am trying to gather ideas for an essay I have for graduate school (physical therapy). I have some ideas such as direct access, reimbursement, and medicare medicaid, I am just having a hard time presenting it and also backing it up with good points and ways to fix it, are there any professionals out there that have an opinion on this matter with some good points to back it up?

What is it like being a mental health technician in las vegas?

I am a psych major at UNLV and I wanted to get a job that will get my foot in the door in the field of psychology. I heard that mental health technician is a good way to to that. Is that the case? What is the job like on a typical day? What are the hours like? Pay? Are they usually good about school schedules and such. Any and all info is greatly appreciated!!

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